Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014
Well. This was a fantastic week!
As you know, Patty and Piero's baptisms were this week,  so we went to ask them if they had any questions or concerns. Their only question was who would baptize them, we suggested their uncle, because it's usually better when a family member or ward member performs the baptism. Patty thought that was a great idea, but Piero really wanted me to baptize him. Haha so I happily agreed!
This Saturday was the first baptism I've ever done! It was incredible! It was a great meeting with a lot of family and friends! Patty's non-member parents came and said they would like to take the discussions! Anyway, it has been really amazing to see the change in their lives that the gospel has brought.  It makes all the hard days’ worth it!
Aside from that, Christian and Angela got their papers for their marriage! They'll be getting married the 28th and they they'll be baptized 2 days later on the 30th!
Ugh.   And as we were on our way to confirm the marriage date of Christian and Angela, we encountered a man who said he would like to learn more about our church. We happily consented this desire, but, as we began to teach him, he began to ask questions.....hard questions.....the kind of questions you'd need to study to be able to ask about.....anyway after about 5 minutes of this he noticed that I was stammering, he then exclaimed that I was having problems speaking and was obviously wrong.   It was then that my companion asked him if he knew where I was from, he ventured a guess ".....Mexico"?  to which my companion essentially replied " No, he's from the United States, he's got 2 months in this country, he hardly speaks the language".......the man then profusely apologized to me......
And proceeded to berate my companion with questions.
But then he slipped up he said "and this prophet Nephi, he's the son of Lehi, right"....Then we knew for sure, this man had clearly studied up on the book of Mormon just to attack us. We told him that if he knew that, then he knew the truth, and when he was ready to embrace it, we'd be there, but until then, he'd better leave us alone.
We then shook the dust from our feet, and continued onward towards Christian and Angelas.....
Well aside from that instance, things are improving, and I'm really happy down here! Love you all!
Elder Winn
P.S. I suppose the reason I included that story about the man was to illustrate 2 points, first off. That dude didn't realize I was from the states for a solid 5 minutes, that's pretty good, right? And 2nd. There are many willing to accept this gospel, and there are many willing to oppose it.  But regardless; as missionaries we need to show the same kind of love, and willingness to help to all of God’s children, not just the nice ones.   :)
  (the following is Dave's response to Steve's letter)
"We had one roll called the "Fat Ass"  and it was delicious."

Hahahahahaha I first and foremost want to tell you that this is probably the best line I have received in an e-mail thus far. I am in your debt, Dad

Well, it's not exactly a maid......We have our pensionist. Whom we pay something like $45 a month to, in exchange for lunch for a month (With the exception of Saturday's and P-days) and then we have a different ward member who we take our laundry to once a week and we pay her something like $15 a month.....and that's about it!

Oh! We go to her house.

Love you!!

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