Monday, August 17, 2015

Well first off, we'll go back to last p-day.

We went to Larco Mar with Elder Sanchez (my zone leader from Rimac) to say goodbye, because it was his last p-day in the mission.

So we played pool and just hung out.

Then we got home and got the transfer calls, and while not entirely unexpected, everyone was still sad to see Ango go. He was a great companion and taught me a lot, we got along really well and I'll miss him! He's in Palao now, so he didn't go that far.

Now, what I'm sure you've all been waiting new companion is........

Elder Aroni

He's from Cuzco and he's been out about 6 months, he came in the same time as Elder Slade. He's a really enthusiastic enthusiastic. I call him Tiger, mostly because of the amount of times I've had to say the spanish equivalent of "Easy there Tiger".....but overall he's incredible! He invites everyone to be baptized.....usually in the first 5 minutes, and he as a remarkable ability that allows him to talk for approximately 5 minutes without taking a breath (much like the one Maria from Rimac had)......overall though he's great!

Other than that Elder Bates stayed! I don't know if I've written much about Elder Bates, but he's the best. He's from McCammon Idaho and is pretty much the coolest guy ever. He's 99% the same as Elder Slade, and we've been friends ever since I got here. Anyway he stayed in the zone......even though he's technically served in the same sector for 10 months now.

Now something weird/awesome.

In the reunion I heard that Elder Slade got changed, but not where, then the next day when we went to the zone reunion.....guess who showed up? So after celebrating Slade's arrival to Condevilla, I asked him what sector he was in, he said "V", not only was he here with Bates and I, but he was sharing the same house as Elder Bates!........then my brain made the connection.........Bates had stayed with his companion.........and Elder "V" had stayed there.......which meant.........

Elder Slade and Elder "

V" are now companions.

So that's weird.

Anyway. Other than that things have been going great! We've been knocking doors like crazy, and as a result have found several new investigators. We taught a record amount of lessons this week, and have placed 3 people with Baptismal dates.

Things are looking way up!

I'm healthy, happy, and trying to keep Tiger under control.

Having a lot of fun! Love you guys!!!
Elder Winn
 First and second pictures are with Elder Sanchez
Inscription in the hat Elder Sanchez gave Dave
New Companion "Tiger" Elder Aroni

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