Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

Hey everyone!!! I hope you all had a great week!!!

Things have been going alright down here in Peru!

First and foremost.....

ELDER BEDNAR IS COMING THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone's going insane. He's coming to talk to us, the east mission, and the north mission....and I think the MTC here. We've had to read a bunch of talks and PMG (Preach my gospel)  and many scriptures......but it should be great!!!!!! He's going to talk about faith (or so I imagine, based on the astronomical amount of faith related text I've had to read as of late).....

Other than that, our mission president’s wife has asked each of us to write 5 things down every day that we can thank God for. I would like to extend to each of you the same invitation. In the short time I have been writing it has helped me to develop a deeper sense of gratitude for my Heavenly Father, and all that he has given me. part of the week. This story:

So, Tiger and I were walking along just loving the fact that nobody was home and it was about 90 degrees outside, when he bursts out:

"Nobody's home, I feel like we're just walking in circles, do you even know where we're going? Do you think about where to go, or do you just act? How can I know that the spirit's even guiding you at all"?!

So I say

"No, I know where to go; have to keep on going"

So we continue contacting/trying to find people/knocking doors for another hour or so until he says:

"Ok that's it, we're going this way"

And at this point I'm fairly fed up his complaining and really don't want to follow him, so I say "No, we need to go this way, trust me".

We walk another 2 blocks or so, and get to my goal: The ice cream shop.

I buy two ice creams, one for each of us.......

And he just stares at me with that oh so specific look of:

"This is how you're going to try to make me feel better? I hate you"

When out of nowhere the lady who sold me the ice cream informs us that her husband is sick and would like a priesthood blessing.

That their whole family are members of the church and they would like to know more.

And that they would like to learn especially about baptism.

It completely blew my companion (and me) out of the water. They're like the perfect investigators.

Anyway, long story short; me buying ice creams resulted in two baptisms and a humbled companion.

I love this work; I can truly say it is a work of joy.

I love you all!!!

Elder Winn
First picture is of the ice cream bar from the above story-just like Dave to take a picture of it.
Second picture Elder Winn with a future missionary
Third picture new Seahawks jersey---he knows his Dad well
Final picture is of Elder "Tiger" sleeping (I mean studying)

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