Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015
Sounds like you guys had another mildly interesting week!!! Love you!!!
Hope you're doing great!!!
Anyway....I'll start off by telling you what I'm sure you all want to hear. Yes, the baptisms did take place, and yes the Dad signed everything he needed to, and yes it was a truly wonderful spiritual experience that none of us will ever forget.
Really though, it was pretty awesome to see it finally happen!
So, in the end we ended up talking to Juan for a combined total of about 15 hours for that signature, and probably 50 plus if you consider all the prayers, fasts, and thoughts that went toward it, and so I mean it 100% when I say it's one of the most miraculous experiences that has happened in my entire mission.
In the end I baptized Karla (14) and Ango baptized Danitza (13) and Yessenia (19), and each one of them couldn't have been happier. After their baptisms they each bore their testimony........It was such an incredible feeling to know that through my efforts, the Lord was able to endow them with such an incredible and pure testimony of Christ and his atoning sacrifice.
It was amazing.
Until the next day....
I don't know if it was the ice-cream, the pizza, the soda, or the fact that I'm living in Peru, but something was not very happy with my internal organs.
Sunday morning was absolutely terrible. Elder Ango and I were completely dead......We ended up going to church for 20 minutes, just so we could see the confirmations of the  girls......and then pretty much slept and puked the rest of the day away........
Although I feel fine now! that was weird.
Other than that we had a ward mission night this week, which turned out to be pretty great, even though only like 12 people showed up. We watched a video about baptism, and then played charades! We had an Investigator named Saida come. She asked a lot of questions about baptism, and seemed interested in learning more, so we'll see what happens there!
Also, fun fact, if you pronounce the name "Saida" (Sigh-duh) wrong it will come out as "Sida" (see-duh) which means "AIDS" so......I definitely called her AIDS.......several times.
Regardless, I've got faith it will all work out....hahahahaha
Things are going great! I'm happy and healthy! Changes are tomorrow, so we'll see what happens!!! Love you guys!!!

          Chicken Wings!!!   We ate at Tony Romas this week.

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