Monday, April 27, 2015

Well..... This week I've got a few announcements and some bad news...

First off, the good.

Cythia will be reactivated this week! She's been coming to the church, and ward activities, and now, after about 8 years of inactivity she's coming back to church! So our next goal will be working with her husband so he can get baptized, and they can work towards the temple! I'm so excited to work with them!

Also, Ysaac, Sonia's son, came to church this week, and he's also coming to the ward activites, he's always happy to see us, and is working towards getting reactivated and going on a mission. That's been another change that's been awesome to see! Their whole family is working towards their reactivation now. It's really an incredible thing to see!!!

Plus, Lupe and Andrea recieved their callings! Andrea is second councelor in the young womens presidency, and Lupe is the secretary of the Relief society presidency!!!!! It's amazing to see both of them go from investigators, to recommend holding members with callings!

Also.....Fausto, and Cynthia's sister just to Cuzco...and the other to uhh.....absolutely no idea......and both of them just kind of told us one day "Hey, I'm moving tomorrow, and I don't know my new address, so I hope that works out....bye!!!......which really is just a terrible way to say goodbye.....hahaha but it's alright, I'm sure they'll both look for the missionaries wherever they are, or, if not, the missionaries will find them!

I love you guys so much!!!! I'm doing great and loving the work!!!!

Stay safe!
-Elder Winn
Dave and Elder Slade on a P-day

                                                                      Just being Dave

                                       No idea what he's got going on here, just being Dave!!

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