Monday, January 19, 2015


Pictures 1 and 2~~~~Baptism of Juana and Carlos
Pictures 3,4,5,6~~~~Wedding of Juana and Carlos
Pictures 7,8,9,10~~~Zoo and hamburger Dave bought on the street for $2
                              Sea wolf (Dave has no idea why it’s not called a sea lion)
Picture 11~~~~~~~Last picture with Villarruel
Pictures 12,13~~~~New apartment
Picture 14~~~~~~~View from new apartment
On Mon, Jan 19, 2015
Yes,  but It's a good story.
Well this was a hectic week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We'll start off where we left off.
Last Monday night I was anxiously waiting for the call from the zone leaders where they would hopefully tell me I had a change. The hours kept ticking by but the call never came.... Then at 9:00 they called. They happily informed us both that we would be staying!
I was completely distraught.
I had no idea why on earth I would have another change with my companion. We didn't get along, it was hard to feel the spirit with him, and he hated me!
I thought that it couldn't possibly be right....but they assured me it was.
Villarruel went to bed, and I stayed up to think things I was thinking it donned on me that I wasn’t going to have this change no matter how I felt about it. I may as well be happy about it.
Anyway; after a good deal of time, I accepted it. I was happy I would be staying another change. I resolved to improve and to not care what he said.
I would be happy no matter what.
Then I went to the changes meeting. My companion was shown with someone else, everyone in my zone looked to me, because they knew I didn't have a change. Then a little later, my picture was shown with someone in Rimac.
After the meeting we went up to the President and asked him.
Apparently in the chaos of the changes 2 Elders had not been told they had changes, Me, and Elder Pearce (The kid we met in the airport).
Anyway; long story short......
Here I am! In my new Zone, Rimac! It's not too far away, but it's really different! It's very green, and very big!
Aside from that I got my new companion Elder Merino. He's got 23 months so don't get too attached to him....But, he's great!!! He's a normal person who doesn't hate me for no reason, so we get along great!!!!!!
The only downside to all of this is that I don't know much......So street names, addresses, investigators.....will all have to wait until next week, but I have included pictures!!!
Well team. The wait is over. I no longer have Villarruel as a companion, and life is great.
Looking back, I'm sure the changes not being announced had a reason....I had to accept that I would do the Lords will no matter what.
Anyway, I hope you can all do the same! I love you all!!!
-Elder Winn

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