Monday, September 29, 2014

This week was good!
Now. I'm sure you've all been waiting to hear about what it's like here. And It's probably about time I tell you.
It's fantastic! It's about 65 degrees, all day everyday. And super humid. but that doesn't really bug me too bad.
The city is super busy though. It's like New York......I've never been to New York, but I imagine that it's reasonably busy....
The buses to get anywhere are always packed and it's usually better just to walk places. Which is fine because It means I get to enjoy the diverse wildlife (That almost entirely consists of Pigeons and Stray dogs, but, oh well).
Right now we're opening a Sector in Palao, our ward, Pedregal, now has 4 missionaries. Elder Glassford and I, and Elder Farias and Isaguirre.
Elder Farias is my age and from Provo
Elder Isaguirre is from Argentina and 20.....Think....I don't know I don't really speak the language.
The only difficulty we're having right now is the cold water....We had a shower with one knob......unfortunately that knob only worked for cold Elder Glassford said we'd get an electrician to come install a different one. I thought that was a fine idea.
I thought wrong.
Turns out, the reason you call an electrician is so they can run a wire from the outlet directly into the shower head.
but it works.
And here I was all these years thinking water and electricity didn't mix.....
Really though. It looks super sketchy....because it is.....but apparently as long as you never touch the should be ok.....
Anyway. I love the work here! We have 8 baptismal dates so far, and they keep coming in! So We're doing great!

                                                   Broken bunk bed---details to follow.
                                  Elder Glassford caught me studying (I mean sleeping).
Much Love,
Elder Winn

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