Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh man, so much to write, so little time....

Well, I'll start back at the CCM. It was our last day and we needed something exciting to do. But, being in the CCM, it was understandably hard to find something like that to do.
So while we were thinking, We made some paper airplanes, which progressively led to contests, which eventually led to Super Ultimate Paper Airplane Racing or SUPAR.
anyway, we went to the Thomas S. Monson Building and threw them from the top floor....and for a glorious moment, they flew.....and for a less glorious 2 seconds, they dropped like rocks....but it's the 45 minutes of thought, effort, and wasted time that counts, right?

Anyway, 3 other elders from my district and I said our goodbyes around noon on monday and flew to Peru along with 16 other elders and one hermana.

The plane touched down around 9 o'clock, and then we arrived. Oh we arrived.

After a 15 minute bus ride we pulled up to a 5 star hotel, even by US standards. It turns out that we had saved enough money on the flight over, that the church could house us all in those rooms.

It was glorious.

Albeit after 6 weeks of sleeping on straw most anything would be.....but it really was an incredible way to arrive.

So, after an all you can eat breakfast buffet, we headed to the mission office for training.

After training we went to the mission meeting. One of the perks of such a small mission is that every 6 weeks every missionary in the Peru Lima central mission can get together for exchanges.

Anyway my new companion is Elder Glassford.

He's incredible.
He's from Provo, and he's been out here 23 months. This is his last exchange before he leaves, but he works harder than anyone else out here!

So far we're pretty successful according to Elder Glassford! We've already got a baptism!.....but not really, the other elders in the district taught her, we just got the baptism because we're opening a new sector and she's in our boundaries.

We've been teaching an older couple, Juana y Carlos most of the week, they've attended over 3 weeks now, and as soon as they get their marriage licencse they'll be ready for baptism! They're the best!

The dogs. 
The dogs are everywhere.
The dogs are everywhere and they are ugly. But they're not least here....but Elder Glassford says in Limatombo they're pretty vicious... 

Oh yeah, remember the clean, sunny, metropolis that Lima was? least on the first 2
hahaha but it's great anyway!
The photo attached is the view I have right now as I write this letter.

Anyway, Gospel is true and all that jazz.....
It's awesome here and I'm thrilled to serve!

I love you all!
Elder Winn

P.S. Haven't eaten Guinea pig yet....but yesterday we did eat the form of a ball....but it was not a meat ball.....hahaha there were bones....and I think feathers....the real problem was that it looked like chicken......and tasted a bit like pork....but it definitely mostly tasted like stale peas.....
Lots of Love!

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