Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week #3

I love you guys!

Will you send this out to everyone else too?

This week was great!

We have two new investigators (Really just employees here).
Rosa and Santos.
Santos is a devout Christian who believes in the bible (and only the bible) and who is looking for men of god.
Rosa has a son who is on a mission, but she herself has never wanted anything to do with the church.

We commited them both to baptism after the first lesson, and are working hard to get them to prepare!
We gave them Ether 12:27......can scriptures be cliché? I feel like it's cliché....


I feel like I should give you guys a better idea of the day to day......
everyday we wake up at 6:30, or earlier if you want a hot shower,
then we´re in class doing personal study by 7:00.
then we go and eat breakfast in the comedor....usually some form of torillas.....
then we have like a 4 hour block of class.....which is usually boring.....
then we have gym! Usually we'll do splits and Elder Dyal and I will play Volleyball.
Then lunch......then more class.....then dinner....then study....then bed.....

It´s repetitive....but overall not bad!
I miss home, but I know that What I'm doing out here is more important than anything I could do back home.

I'll make sure to send pictures next week!!!

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