Sunday, August 17, 2014

I ate a spider

Hey everyone!

Not much happened this week! It was kind of rough getting settled in, but now that I'm on a routine things are working out pretty well!

Like it says in the header, I did indeed eat a spider.
Our district sat down to eat breakfast, mangoes, cereal, tortillas.....and we were eating business as usual, I was just absentmindedly eating some cereal when I realized that the bite I had just taken looked fuzzier than fruit loops....and it seemed to have quite a few more legs than fruit loops, so instead of spitting it out I decided the best plan of action would be start chewing like mad and chugging apple seemed to work....but man...that was hardcore preparation for the peruvian food.

Aside from that all that's really happened is the development of late night talks with the other elders. It's a good way to get to know other people, and what they've gone through.

I'll write more next week!
There are mission pictures on my blog, you can get the address from my mom at:

Con mucho amor,
Elder Winn

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