Monday, November 16, 2015

This week wasn't too bad....Although we had a grand total of like 10 lessons....

Although it's not really the numbers that count......which brings me to this week's awesome story.

So....this week was the primary program in our ward (which believe like 10 times louder in Spanish)......(not better.....just louder). And as a result, they had a ton of practices. Most days this week, the primary president has called us at various hours of the day and asked us if we could pass around the ward, and pick up the kids for the rehearsal.....the first time, we had no problem (thinking it was a one time thing, and that it would only take about 45 minutes)......then came the second, third, fourth, fifth, and eventually sixth calls.

I distinctly remember walking to a sister's house, while my companion and I mutually complained, both of us incredulous at how the primary president could take away so much time from our busy schedule as missionaries (keep in mind, up until this point we had probably put about 10 hours of our proselyting time into helping her out this week), and ask us to do something as menial as take the kids from one place to another.

We got to the house of one of the families, and a sick mother answered the door. She thanked us profusely, and we left with her three heart had been pricked a little as I reflected on her attitude of thanksgiving, and how we had helped her.....but it paled in comparison to what happened next......

The little 5 year-old boy, grabbed my hand as we prepared to cross the street, and said "Thanks for helping us"........I wanted to cry.

I knew in that moment there there wasn't a soul I could teach, that would have been more meaningful to God in that moment, than it was to help that family.

Sometimes we're more focused on our goals (wholesome as they may be) that we don't see the ones God has placed for us.

I'll always be grateful for that family, and for that (needy) primary president. Because I learned a lesson I'll never forget.

On a different note.....

Nothing else is that new in the ward!!!

4 missionaries just came home, which means the missionary work in the ward should pick up! And we'll be losing another 4 in the next few months to come!

This week will be a lot of work with the Bishop and the ward council.....should be fun....hahahaha

I'm doing great!!! Looking forward to another Peruvian thanksgiving!!!

I hope all of you have a great week, and I invite you all to look for a way that God may be blessing you without you knowing it!!!

Much love,
Elder Winn
Dave is still a health food nut!
Wall in their apartment.

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