Monday, September 21, 2015

What an eventful week!!!!

September 21, 2015

So, before I start talking in depth about everything that happened this week, here's a short rundown (mostly so I don't forget)

-Temple Trip

-I stepped on a rusty nail

-A day in Magdalena

-I got super sick

-I built another house

-Another day in Magdalena

......And this Saturday we've got a baptism

So it was a pretty hectic week.


Temple Trip- This past Wednesday, we had the opportunity to visit the temple as a Zone. It was great. Although when Elder Aroni and I showed up, they informed us that they had only planned on 18 Elders and there wasn't enough space in the sessions for us......however, the temple president just so happened to overhear the conversation, and gave us the go-ahead!


The temple is always such a beautiful place to go. I'm grateful that we have the opportunity to go once every three months! I can't wait to go even more when I go home!!!

I stepped on a rusty nail- Yep. Not fun. Turns out as part of deconstructing and re-constructing houses, there are a lot of rusty nails strewn about. Some of which are point up, and not very foot-friendly.

Don't worry though, I got it cleaned out and called the offices, and they told me I'd be fine. So.....I'm fine!!!!

A day in Magdalena- On Friday Aroni had an interview with the President so I pretty much hung out in the offices and in Magdalena until about 6:30.....which took a pretty big chunk out of the proselyting time....but oh well.

I got super sick- Yeah.....not fun at all.....I was sick all of Thursday....not fun.....I have no idea what kind of pills my pensionist gave me, but I'm fine now!!! (I know that sentence sounds sketchy, but it's really not)

I built another house-.....not really, but I did lay the foundation for a different house.....not fun.

I don't know how they lay a foundation for a house in the United States, but I think it's different. We just dug some trenches, and then filled them in with chunks of granite and wet cement mixed with dirt. It was done mainly by us, the Reyes family, and 3 dudes they hired for the day......

I've been sore all week.

Another day in Magdalena- Yesterday Elder Dart took me on interchanges to go visit his old sector in Magdalena and say goodbye, which meant, I pretty much just went from house to house eating brownies, cakes, and other desserts they made for him. Not a bad day.

And finally we've got a baptism this Saturday! His name is Emmanuel and he's 15. His Dad has been an investigator for like 17 years and can't be baptized because he hasn't divorced his old wife/married his new one. He's great! He kind of surprised us a lot over these past two weeks, and we're really excited to see him progressing!!!

Anyway.....that's about all that I can think about! Changes are tomorrow, so we'll see what happens!

I know you are all praying for me and it means a lot! Love you guys!!!

Love you Mom, Dad, and Pooh!

-Elder Winn

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