Monday, September 14, 2015

 Hey guys!!!
I´ll just start off with yesterday which was amazing.
So, I have no idea who, but one of you must have been praying especially hard for me this week, because yesterday was like the best day ever.
First off we had church from 2 to 5, because the other ward had stake conference. So we actually got to study in the morning, and eat breakfast. Then we had ward council, and ate lunch. Then we went to church.
Upon entering the chapel, I noticed one thing which was a tad different from the norm. Namely the number of tourist-looking bags in the front hall....upon further investigation I found a small family of gringo's (I say that as if I don't count) in the cultural hall. Turns out they're friends of Elder Dart's dad, and are in the area until that night. 
I can already tell this story is going to take entirely too much's some bullet points.
-They have two sons, Dallin and uhh.....something else. 17 and 14 respectively
-They're from Lindon, Utah
-They were an incredibly delightful family to be around
-They're sons swim on the Pleasant Grove swim team (and are REALLY good)
-They invited Elder Dart and his companion to dinner
-Elder Dart's companion didn't want free dinner
-They invited Elder Dart and Elder Winn to dinner
-We ate a lovely dinner in a nice restaurant (complete with passion fruit cheesecake (which has got to be my new favorite dessert)).
-Brother Bunnet gave me 24 soles stating that "This money's going to be useless to me in a few hours, I want you to have it"
It was really an incredible day of speaking English and enjoying the company of a perfectly friendly family from Utah.
Oh yeah. Remember how I built a roof a few weeks ago?
Well news must have spread of my constructing prowess because this week we were solicited by the Reyes family to build a house.
That's right. A House that was fun.
We literally tore apart a house that already existed. and built a new one.
But not in place of the old one. Haha oh no, that would make too much sense. We built the new one in the street.
Now I know what you're thinking.
"How'd/why'd he build a house in the middle of the street"?
I'm here wondering the same thing.
unfortunately I don't have a picture of it this week.....
Fortunately they're our neighbors and we'll get one real soon.
Other than that. It's been a fairly uneventful week! We had a really long Multi-zona meeting....I learned a lot!...
We taught an Israelite! Which was cool! Because they (correctly) believe they're descendants of the house of Israel.
They also believe in the law of Moses and that Jesus will be born again in Machu Picchu which is the center of the was a weird lesson.....
Anyway......that's about it for this week.
Hahaha I love you all! The church is true!!!!
Elder Winn

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