Monday, October 13, 2014

Everything continues to go well in the Pedregal Ward!

Elder Glassford and I have continued to have success, after opening a sector, we should have our first baptism this week! With many more to follow!

I'm sorry to report, but it was a fairly boring week!

The only thing exciting that happened was the wáter went out for two days.....apparently every once in awhile the city just shuts down the wáter because they can't afford to have it we had to buy some bottled wáter, boil it, and then shower with that.....but other than that a fairly uneventful week!

Right now as it stands this is what we're looking at baptism wise.

Victor barron(17)- this sunday

Angela and Christian (30's)- whenever they get their marraige papers.

Mauricio Sanabria(9)- next week

Juana and Carlos(70's)-as soon as they get their marriage papers.

Marco and Ernestina(40's)- The 1st of november

Patty and Pierro(31 and 8)- The 1st of November

Sorry if this week was kind of boring! If my E-mail didn't spiritually fulfill you then watch the conference talk by Elder Jorg K.......whatever his name was. That was my favorite conference talk!

I'll write more next week, and make sure to tell you a bit more about the investigators I mentioned!

Love all of you,
Elder Winn

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